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How to book excursion?
1. Use Search to find excursion
2. Choose date and place of departure and number of persons
3. Fill in the details of persons
4. Print out your ticket and bring it with you to excursion
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What is DESTINATION ADRIATIC Affiliate program?

DESTINATIONADRIATIC Affiliate program offers additional profit possibility in Croatia. Due to simplicity of its use, it is dedicated to almost everybody and it enables earning by promoting the excursions, no matter of previous experiences in tourism, marketing and informatics

Who is DESTINATION ADRIATIC Affiliate program intended to?
DESTINATION ADRIATIC Affiliate program can be used by every legal or physical entity with their own internet web pages, portal, blog, browser and all who want to maximize the impact of its web and want extra profit.

What are the advantages of partnership with DESTINATION ADRIATIC?

  • Reserved excursions 24 hours prior to departure are not cancelled
  • Processing of reservation in real time and online payment
  • Quality guarantee
  • Every excursion booked by the visitor on DESTINATION ADRIATIC pages directing from your web page, brings you profit
  • You only set up DESTINATION ADRIATIC on your web page, and professional users service of DESTINATION ADRIATIC completely takes over the entire communication with the visitor
  • Statistics accuracy in the number of clients, realized sale and provision
  • Multilingual communication with the client in his/her native language
  • Membership in DESTINATION ADRIATIC Affiliate program is simple and free.


Contract is concluded between tourist agency ATLANTIS TRAVEL Zagreb d.o.o. OIB 54089624563, with the headquarters on address Petrinjska 59, HR-10000 Zagreb, the owner of the internet web page DESTINATION ADRIATIC and every legal or physical entity with their own internet web page and which through online application form enters its information for participation in DESTINATION ADRIATIC affiliate program ( in further text: affiliate partner). By filling out the online application form, Affiliate partner completely accepts the terms of the contract. The contract defines the terms of participation, as well as the rights and obligations of participating in an affiliate program.

This contract does not represent the agency’s B2B cooperation and affiliate partner does not receive authority for the presentation of DESTINATION ADRIATIC services that are not defined by this contract. ATLANTIS TRAVEL reserves all rights regarding the name of company, the sign of the company, logo, text and other graphic elements and intellectual rights.
Services defined by this contract are excursions where ATLANTIS TRAVEL is the main organizer.
None of the regulations of this contract represent any kind of partnership, joined investments or any kind of agency cooperation where affiliate partner would get the authority to offer different forms of presentation of services and products of ATLANTIS TRAVEL which are not defined by this contract or exclusive representation between contractual parties.

Every legal or physical entity with their own web page has the right to participate. An entity becomes an Affiliate partner the moment the information for access is given (username + password). In order to receive username and password, it is necessary to fill out DESTINATION ADRIATIC affiliate online application form. After entering the requested information online, Affiliate partner is given username and password if he fulfils ATLANTIS TRAVEL terms for entering the affiliate program. Affiliate partner uses affiliate program for taking over the codes which he places on his web pages in order to direct visitors to

Entering the affiliate program is enabled for all web pages that do not include the following contents:

  • comments containing hatred, violence, abuse
  • erotica and pornography, violence, any form of discrimination (religious, national, disabled, racial, sexual…)
  • Illegal activities (“warez”) that in any way threaten intellectual ownership and rights
  • Use of “spyware” and dialer automatic scripts, and other malicious scripts that threaten the privacy of users.
ATLANTIS TRAVEL has the right to cancel the right to participation for affiliate partner at any moment if any of the above stated elements are confirmed during the regular examination of Affiliate partner’s web page.

For participation in an affiliate program, Affiliate partner can use:

  • text or picture with Affiliate connection or
  • Affiliate iFrame (browser)
Affiliate link follows the visitors on DESTINATION ADRIATIC and records realized booking under your affiliate number.
B2C iFrame is a browser which directs the visitors on DESTINATION ADRIATIC and assigns to every request your affiliate number and records realized bookings under your affiliate number.
It is important that affiliate URL is used in an original format because even the slightest change to the given link will cause the incorrect functioning of the affiliate program and therefore the accurate information for monitoring the affiliate partnership can not be guaranteed.

Affiliate partner can use both affiliate forms on one or more web pages. Affiliate partner also has the right to advertise all services or products from DESTINATION ADRIATIC offer. In the case if special offer is chosen, on the link of chosen offer (HTML address) personal affiliate number should be added ("?aid=<affiliate_id>").


By filling out an online application form Affiliate partner receives its username and password for accessing affiliate account within DESTINATION ADRIATIC web pages. Within its online account, Affiliate partner has complete insight in number of visitors, realized reservations, total achieved turnover and affiliate payments.
Affiliate partner realizes the provision on the realized reservations after the guest finishes using the service or when there is not possibility of cancellation. The percentage of provision is determined by the turnover in one accounting year. Accounting year starts with the first day in the month when the partner filled in the application form and it lasts for 12 months, or in other words 12 accounting periods.

The percentage of provision is defined depending on the statues of the partner at the moment the provision was paid and in the following manner:

Income in EUR (annual):   Provision %
Up to 5 000€   8%
5.001-15.000€   9%
15.001-25.000€   10%
25.001-50.000€   12%
more than 50.001€   according to agreement

Affiliate partner who is legal entity, tradesman or person performing an independent professional activity is obligated to issue the invoice on the basis of which ATLANTIS TRAVEL pays the provision within 30 working days. If an Affiliate partner is person from Croatia, it is necessary to sign the contract on intermediation. Affiliate partner with the contract takes over the obligation of paying the appropriate taxes to the state and ATLANTIS TRAVEL does not take any responsibility for eventual lack of paying taxes to the state by affiliate partner. The minimum amount for payment is 150 EUR. ATLANTIS TRAVEL and Affiliate partners each pay their own costs of money transfer in the bank if there are provision payments in a foreign currency. If the amount for payment is smaller than 150 eur, the amount will be paid, but in that case transaction fees are to be settled by the recipient. Eventual complaints regarding paid amount are to be submitted by the Affiliate partner in a written form within eight (8) days from when the provision was paid. Additional complaints will not be taken under consideration.

Affiliate partner does not have any responsibility concerning the client who reserved certain service within the frame or web page DESTINATION ADRIATIC. DESTINATION ADRIATIC completely takes over the entire communication with the visitor: answering on the request of potential clients, issuing offer and invoice, payment control, reservation confirmation and sending of excursion ticket, reservation cancelation, resolving eventual complaints and accepting and offering all needed help to the clients on the spot.

Affiliate partner is not responsible for the accuracy of the information(price, description, pictures, availability) published within frame or on the web page DESTINATION ADRIATIC.
If the specific client, from any reasons, does not fulfill ATLANTIS TRAVEL standards, ATLANTIS TRAVEL has the right to refuse the service from its program.

ATLANTIS TRAVEL is not responsible for wrongly calculated prices and provision occurring from “printing mistake„ on web page DESTINATION ADRIATIC or within frame. ATLANTIS TRAVEL is not responsible for damage due to error in the server, for electrical blackouts, weather or "higher force" cases. ATLANTIS TRAVEL is not responsible for the damage done to the Affiliate partner’s web page proven to be caused due to membership in the affiliate program.

ATLANTIS TRAVEL is not responsible for the damage of unaccounted provision if it is stated that it is the result of unprofessional handling of Affiliate tools or due to eventual erasing of cookies by the visitor.

ATLANTIS TRAVEL reserves absolutely all rights regarding the name of the company, the sign of the company, logo, slogans, text, photos, design and graphic elements. Change of logo, heading or banner on behalf of Affiliate partner is forbidden. In case if Affiliate partner requires advertising by the use of different presentation forms or contents than offered, Affiliate partner needs to submit the proposition to ATLANTIS TRAVEL and receive the permit.

Information on DESTINATION ADRIATIC internet web pages are considered to be correct at the moment the information is entered. All the information are the subject of regular checking, and all eventual incorrect information will be removed. ATLANTIS TRAVEL reserves the right to change information in the description and prices of individual accommodation units and services offered on its internet web pages.

Information published by Affiliate partner, connected to ATLANTIS TRAVEL offer, have to correspond to DESTINATION ADRIATIC web pages. If ATLANTIS TRAVEL, by the insight of partner’s web page, finds the information which are not in accordance with the Contract, Affiliate partner is obligated to make the necessary changes within 48 hours of being notified , otherwise ATLANTIS TRAVEL has the right to determine the participation in Affiliate program.

By filling out of online application form or by sending the request for registration by e-mail, Affiliate partner confirms that he has read and accepted the terms of this contract.
ATLANTIS TRAVEL has the right to change, according to its needs, any article of these General terms without previous written or verbal notice. New changes become valid when published on DESTINATION ADRIATIC web page, and information regarding the executed changes can be obtained by the Affiliate partner with regular checking out of DESTINATION ADRIATIC web page.Should the affiliate partner not notify ATLANTIS TRAVEL within 15 days of the changes being publicized that it does not agree with the changes in writing, ATLANTIS TRAVEL will assume that the Affiliate partner is in agreement with all the changes that have been made.
The contract is closed for an undefined time from the moment of approval of affiliate partner’s internet web page by ATLANTIS TRAVEL.

AUTHORITY OF THE COURT The contractual parties are obliged to resolve any eventual disputes and misunderstandings by mutual agreement. If a mutual agreement is not possible, the authority of the Commercial Court in Zagreb is then authorized.

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